¥140,000/ 1-2人

場所:京都下京区五条楽園 Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku, Gojo rakuen
月額賃料:¥140,000 [monthly fee]
清掃料金:¥8000,1回 [1 cleaning]
人数:1-2名用 [1-2 people stay]

面積:20畳+3畳(ロフト)/ 40 m2


The Kikuhama House is a century old wooden house that was fully restored in 2017. It is named after the "Chrysanthemum bay" (Kikuhama 菊浜), the name of this district where prostitution was authorized. This row-house (nagaya 長屋) type of machiya has been fully restored with a heated floor, new windows and a higher ceiling, thus allowing to have a loft space bedroom.

The Kikuhama House is located near Takasegawa, a canal river leading to Kiyamachi area. It is centrally located, 10 minutes walk from Kyoto Tower and Kyoto JR station. While in the city center, it is inside a local community, hidden in an alley (roji 路地) and very quiet.

The Kikuma House is ideal for 2 people, with a tatami bedroom on the ground floor, a bathroom opened to a back courtyard and a living room with a large bow-window. There is also a loft mezzanine space on tatami with a ladder access, where 1-2 persons can sleep.

The district, Kikuhama or Gojo rakuen, located near two rivers, Takasegawa and Kamogawa, was a yūkaku 遊廓, a brothel area, and has thus kept this atmosphere of being cast away. Now it is a quickly changing neighborhood, with new cafes and hotels, but it remains a kind of place apart in the middle of the city.

The Kikuhama House is a licensed Private Lodging Business, and is also managed by Japan Experience (Vivre le Japon) for short-term rentals.

Please contact us by email if you have any questions about this rental.

View through the ground floor bedroom towards the living room.

View from the living room throughout the bedroom and towards the back courtyard. There is a second bedroom on the mezzanine, over the bedroom.

The kitchen is equipped with an IH stove, fridge, kettle, etc.

The bathroom is a white space that opens to the back courtyard.

Details: the black charcoal cedar of the courtyard, and the white tiles of the bathroom.

This house is crafted with local materials, here is yakisugi 焼杉, charcoal cedar.

Details: here are the square pillar (tainted hinoki 檜) and the round Kitayama sugi 北山杉 cryptomeria cedar.

Walls are covered with juraku 聚楽 argila on the ground floor, or linden wood on the second floor.

One of the views from the loft space, over the atrium.

We have kept some sample of the ancient earthen wall (tsuchi kabe 土壁).

The Kikuhama House facade seen from the alley (roji 路地).

The house opens with a keypad.

The house is a 3x9 meters long space, with 2 bedrooms, one on top of the other.


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¥140,000/ 1-4人


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